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  • What To Consider When Hiring A Contractor

    Finding the right contractor to do work on your home can be daunting. Generally, most homeowners conduct 2-3 interviews before choosing a contractor. Factors such as price, materials, personality, professionalism and presentation play a huge role but rarely the important aspects generally covered in a contract are discussed. Contracts are beneficial for many reasons. Importantly, they define [...]

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    How Much Does a Roof Repair Cost?

    Let me get out my crystal ball and tell you exactly what your roof repair will cost… oh wait, I can’t. (Though we do have a handy Roofing Estimate Calculator on our home page that you should check out!) While every roof is different, there are a few factors that can help you come up with a ballpark estimate on your roof repair yourself. Here’s what we use to determine how much a roof repair [...]

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    Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Storm Damage?

    Your roofer will thank you if you come in already knowing the answer to this question - and there is no harm in asking your insurance company or starting the claims process immediately. Your premiums won't be raised due to storm damage, so you have nothing to lose – and everything to gain. While there are many different types and levels of insurance policies with different coverages, limits of [...]

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    Storm-Damaged Roof? Here's a Quick Fix

    With winter just around the corner, we're already seeing a few storms coming through. Do you know what to do if a storm puts a hole through your roof? When your roof is damaged by storms, or if a tree crashes through your ceiling, you'll need a quick fix to keep you and your family safe and warm until you can work with your insurance company and local roof repair business to fix the damage.[...]

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    How to Calculate Square Footage of Your Roof

    The total cost of your roofing job is determined by square footage, pitch of your roof, and the materials you want – but don’t worry, even if you didn’t get an A+ in high school geometry and algebra, you can do the math. To estimate the cost of a major roof repair or replacement you’ll need to figure out the square footage of your roof. For this, you need to know your roof’s base area [...]

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